How do I start?

Septic System Design

How do I start?


If you are purchasing a property, be aware that not all properties will sustain a simple septic system, which could create a high cost system.  If you are in doubt, you may want to contact us or a certified soil scientist before the purchase.


  1. Go to the county GIS and get a legal address
  2. Consult with Beagle Hill to get a site visit, system needs and cost. 
    • We will get a soil sample by a certified soil scientist.
    • We use the soil sample to provide you with the best and most cost-effective system for your land.
    • We will give you an exact estimate based on the data in your soil sample, and the price will not change unless requirements and conditions change.
    • Our designs will take into account the total cost of ownership as opposed to only the initial cost. These items will be discussed with you if they are applicable to your system.
  3. Work with BH to get a design plan
    1. BH Design plan is about $450 for most systems, billed after approved permit is issued. Some system designs are more complicated and the design plan can cost up to $1,000.
    2. Submit formal design permit, should be done by BH.  BH Does the rest… we handle permits. 
    3. The Permit takes about a week, Costs about $600 average, but varies by county.
  4. Proceed to build.
    1. BH Works with builder to establish house/floor elevation to ensure system is designed and installed correctly.
    2. System can be put in prior to build or after. 
    3. We don’t install systems between thanksgiving and Easter due to soil conditions.


  • Soil has more clay or silt in different regions, much depends on this - both system and cost
  • Low ground is not good. 
  • If any soil issues are found, always check possibility of purchasing additional adjacent property. 
  • A toilet in basement can add a dramatic change for costs.

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