Save Money on your Septic System

How spending a bit more for soil testing can save you money on your septic system.

Contact Beagle Hill to evaluate your site for constructibilty and get the needed Soils Survey done right the first time.

Why Use Beagle Hill?

When you contact Beagle Hill, we send an excavator, a very experienced Septic Designer and an independent, third party  Soils Scientist to your homesite.

As a team, we evaluate your site with you. We perform proper Excavated Pit Surveys - up to 60" deep. We will dig as many holes as needed to find the best and most economical spot on your land.

Sure, we may charge more than others for a Soils Study, but the net results are pretty clear - we save you money. We put in the time and effort to do it right!

View some comparative costs in the examples below that demonstrate our abilility to save you money.

Our Charges

Accurate Test-Pit Soils Study by Beagle Hill's Team:


Beagle Hill will subsequently do the required Site Design Plan, do all of the coordination to get your Approved Permit to Install .

Design/Installation Plans

$450. Period.

No matter what type of system is required. No Up-Charges.

Soil Study by Others

Soil Study by Beagle Hill

Recent Redesign - Actual Cost Comparison

Orchard Street, Granville Ohio

Initial Study by Others

"Betty Crocker Sampler" and Reports $ 325
Design Plan $ 1,500
Permit Fee $ 599
Actual Estimate for Design $ 18,511
Total Cost of Septic System $ 20,935

Redesign by Beagle Hill

Excavated Test Pits and Reports $ 1,000
Design Plan $ 450
Permit Fee $ 599
Actual Estimate for Design $ 12,395
Total Cost of Septic System $ 14,444

Savings to Homeowner: $ 6,491!

Other Actual Home Sites Redesigned by Beagle Hill

Stadden's Bridge Road, Newark
$ 22,000
BH Redesign
$ 15,000
Savings: $ 7,000