Beagle Hill is proud to have the opportunity to work with all of our clients, vendors and employees who served our country

Below are local veterans who have attended our Memorial Day Salutes


Bill Arnold

E5     US ARMY    1971-1974

Company/Organization: Ret. Norfolk Southern RR

Robert Arnold

E6     US NAVY    20 years


Patrick Atkinson

SSGT     US ARMY    1999-2004

Company/Organization: Save a Warrior

Ray Back

PFC     US MARINE CORPS    1961-1963

Company/Organization: Retired United Telephone

Scott Bates

Spc     US ARMY    2002-2010

Company/Organization: Beagle Hill

Joe Celuch

SGT     US ARMY    1985-1991

Company/Organization: Beagle Hill

Jake Clark

CPT     US ARMY    83-88; 02-11

Company/Organization: Founder, Save a Warrior

Barry Connell

MK2-E5     US COAST GUARD    4 years


John Connell

E-3 LCpl     US MARINE CORPS    3 years


James Connell

LCpl     US MARINE CORPS    4 years


Robert Dalzell

E-4     US ARMY    1969-1971


Aubrey Dunn

A1C     US AIR FORCE    2020

Company/Organization: Student

Richard Funt

SGT     US ARMY    1969-1970

Company/Organization: Retired OSU

Brad Gallup

MAJ     US MARINE CORPS    1975-2003

Company/Organization: Save a Warrior

Justin Glass

E-5     US MARINE CORPS    8 years


Bob Hare

SPEC4     US ARMY    1968-1969

Company/Organization: Retired AEP

Jonathan Hashman

SPL E-4     US ARMY    2007-2015


Dave Hindel

SPEC4     US ARMY    1967-1969


Robert Hindel

Airman 2nd Class     US AIR FORCE    1955-1957

Company/Organization: Retired Rockwell

Paul Hindel

SGT     US ARMY    1968-1971


Jeff Holbert

SGT     US MARINE CORPS    1979-1982


Chris Jacks

E5 Sergeant     US ARMY    1978-1982

Company/Organization: Boeing

Kenny Jenkins

E7     US ARMY    1965-1993

Company/Organization: Ohio National Guard

Keith Johnson

E4     US ARMY    2006-2009

Company/Organization: Save a Warrior

Bill Johnson

Lieutenant Colonel     US AIR FORCE    0026-1-2


Max Kackstetter

SP4     US ARMY    4 years


Lorie Kemp

E-4     US AIR FORCE    6 years


Michael Kuhlwein

E-4 Senior Airman     US AIR FORCE    6 years


John Lothes

PVT     US ARMY    1960-1961

Company/Organization: R&L Excavating
Larry McFarland

Larry McFarland

Spec 4     US ARMY    2 years


James Meredith

E4     US AIR FORCE    1970-1973

Company/Organization: Operating Engineer

Brady Mock

SGT     US MARINE CORPS    5 years


Rich Nash

E-4     US ARMY    3 yrs, 3 months


John Norman

SGT E5     US MARINE CORPS    1962-1967

Company/Organization: Retired Columbia Gas

Dan Osborn

E6 (ret)     US ARMY    1970-1990

Company/Organization: Owens Corning, Retired

Brian Parker

SRA     US AIR FORCE    1992-1995

Company/Organization: ATT

Delaney Parker

SRA     US AIR FORCE    1992-1996

Company/Organization: Parker's Safe & Security

Dawn Parker

ARM     US AIR FORCE    -2020

Company/Organization: Student

Ralph Prater

    US NAVY    4 years


Emmett Reisinger

A1C SRA     US AIR FORCE    1990-1994

Company/Organization: American Jersey Cattle Assoc.

Francis D Richards

PFC     US ARMY    1942-1944


William Roberts

SFC F-7     US ARMY    20 years


Matthew Schehl

SPC     US ARMY    1997-2000

Company/Organization: US Postal Service

Bob Sees

RM2     US NAVY    1967-1972

Company/Organization: Retired General Electric

Ryan Sharrer

    US ARMY   


Clarence Sidwell

E-5 Staff Sergeant     US AIR FORCE    3 yrs, 3 months


Steve Sidwell

Senior Airman     US AIR FORCE    4 years


Brian Snyder

SSGT     US ARMY    1986-1999


Don Walkup

E-4     US ARMY    4 years


Eric Wasson

MSGST (ret)     US AIR FORCE    1977-2004

Company/Organization: ATT Retired

Gary Waters

E-3     US MARINE CORPS    4 years


Matt Weiser

SGT E5     US ARMY    1990-2010

Company/Organization: Weiser Plumbing
  • Beagle Hill Services Pipe and Tank Yard

    Your Source For
    Pipes and Underground
    Beagle Hill Services has a large selection of in-stock Culverts, Drainage Tile and Pipe, Water and Septic Tanks
    and Geotextile Fabrics at the best prices and ready to deliver throughout Central Ohio.

    We supply your underground and drainage needs, and can design and install systems for almost any need.

  • Beagle Hill Services Pipe and Tank Yard
    Septic System
    Design and Installation
    We design and install state-of-the-art througout 11 counties.
  • Beagle Hill Services Pipe and Tank Yard
    We Stand Behind
    Our Products
    and Services
    " We Promise Great pricing, great service and the Expertise to Go With It
    Brenda Celuch
    Founding Partner

We are currently licensed in 11 counties, and our market is growing constantly. We are bonded in all of Ohio's 88 counties.
We are currently licensed in 11 counties, and our market is growing constantly. We are bonded in all of Ohio's 88 counties.

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Septic System Design and Installation

Covering the Largest Market in Ohio!

Beagle Hill Services is set to become the largest septic design and installation company in the state.  We are currently licensed in 11 counties, and our market is growing constantly. We are bonded in all of Ohio's 88 counties.  

We design state-of-the-art systems that work.  Each system is designed specifically for your local regulations and you property, taking into account soil type, drainage, grade counters and needs.  

If we can't do it, it probably can't be done!

Save Money on your Septic System

How spending a bit more for soil testing can save you money on your septic system.

Contact Beagle Hill to evaluate your site for constructibilty and get the needed Soils Survey done right the first time.

Why Use Beagle Hill?

When you contact Beagle Hill, we send an excavator, a very experienced Septic Designer and an independent, third party  Soils Scientist to your homesite.

As a team, we evaluate your site with you. We perform proper Excavated Pit Surveys - up to 60" deep. We will dig as many holes as needed to find the best and most economical spot on your land.

Sure, we may charge more than others for a Soils Study, but the net results are pretty clear - we save you money. We put in the time and effort to do it right!

View some comparative costs in the examples below that demonstrate our abilility to save you money.

Our Charges

Accurate Test-Pit Soils Study by Beagle Hill's Team:


Beagle Hill will subsequently do the required Site Design Plan, do all of the coordination to get your Approved Permit to Install .

Design/Installation Plans

$450. Period.

No matter what type of system is required. No Up-Charges.

Soil Study by Others

Soil Study by Beagle Hill

Recent Redesign - Actual Cost Comparison

Orchard Street, Granville Ohio

Initial Study by Others

"Betty Crocker Sampler" and Reports $ 325
Design Plan $ 1,500
Permit Fee $ 599
Actual Estimate for Design $ 18,511
Total Cost of Septic System $ 20,935

Redesign by Beagle Hill

Excavated Test Pits and Reports $ 1,000
Design Plan $ 450
Permit Fee $ 599
Actual Estimate for Design $ 12,395
Total Cost of Septic System $ 14,444

Savings to Homeowner: $ 6,491!

Other Actual Home Sites Redesigned by Beagle Hill

Stadden's Bridge Road, Newark
$ 22,000
BH Redesign
$ 15,000
Savings: $ 7,000

Pipe, Culvert and Tanks

We carry a large selection of Culverts, Pipes, Drainage Tiles, Fittings and Geotextile membrane materials and can deliver anywhere throughout central Ohio.

Pipe, Culvert and Tanks →

Septic Design & Installation

Not only does Beagle Hill Services carry a large variety of Septic Tanks at the area's best prices, we can also deliver, design and install your septic system for you.

Septic Design & Installation →

Plastic Water Holding Tanks

Beagle Hill Services carries a large variety of Potable Water Tanks that can be used for Spring Development, Rain Harvesting Systems and Supplemental Drinking Water Storage.

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ODOT 889 Pipe Contract

ODOT 889 Pipe Contract Order section. Enter here if you desire to place an order through that contract.

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We Stock A Large Variety of Pipes and Tanks
And delivery is available throughout central Ohio!
Our Pipeyard Stocks Hundreds of Products
Our Pipeyard Stocks Hundreds of Products
And Delivery and Installation is Always Available

We Design and Install Septic Systems, Culverts, Drainage Tile and More

Beagle Hill Services is here to help you with all your septic systems, culvert, drainage and driveway needs and the design and installation of these products.

We work throughout Ohio, but cater to individuals and municipalities in Licking, Muskingum, Coshocton, Knox, Fairfield and Surrounding Counties, and are conveniently located just off of State Route 16 in Frazeysburg, Ohio, just minutes From Newark, Zanesville and Mount Vernon..

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We Supply, Design and Implement Septic Systems

We are certified in all 88 Ohio counties to design septic systems and install water-related pipes and culverts. We design, spec and install systems that meet all state and local codes, work well for you and are cost effective.

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From Supply to Installation, Beagle Hill is Your Source

We can advise, design and install any product we carry. Whether you need help with a new septic system, need drainage installed, or need to fix a driveway that constantly washes out, Beagle Hill has the solutions for your problems.

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Beagle Hill Supports Area Veterans